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Ogon-Zhara iz Gratsiano is the last daughter of an outstanding working dog Ak-Yar Chesmena and Nestor iz Zoosfery. I am thankful that no one bought it from me as a puppy, because originally I did not plan to keep a puppy from this litter. But fate proved to be more discerning than I am….and the puppy with the temper of the indefatigable devil stayed in my house forever, and she won my heart very quickly. Home nickname “Bes” (translated from Russian into English “Devil”) was quickly stuck to the puppy. Not to frighten anyone we softened with nickname the second “s”-“Bess”. But this did not affect the character of the dog she remained a small tireless little demon. Ogon-Zhara is an official nickname, which she justifies one hundred percent. When working, she is bright as fire, persevering and confident as the sun in the summer intense heat. Her temper is an everlasting flame of a real Doberman! She took after the ancestors a solid character, a very high drive, the infinite desire to work everywhere and always. This allows her perform successfully in competition from the very young age. At 2,5 years, Ogon-Zhara has became a Prizewinner of the most prestigious event of Doberman-World Championship in IPO-3 IDC in Slovakia. She performs with result of 95.96.95 on an “excellent” grade. Having obtained such a result Bess became among ten of the best working Doberman of world. It was her most significant success, which became not only her personal achievement , but also the pride of the whole Ukraine, since none of the Dobermans of Ukraine, and other breeds of dogs, could not achieve such success in the world Championship yet. "Having outstanding working qualities, Ogon-Zhara possesses an excellent exterior. A very beautiful, long womanly head with fiery look of evil eyes, the long neck, a falling line of top and a deep thorax and magnificent forbreast, excellent corners of extremities and splendid movements in a trotter. Equation and perfectly developed muscles allow her to move perfectly in a show ring and at sports competitions. Ogon-Zhara is a very prepatented breeder. Her two litters from Tahi – Reme Gerett successfully prove at exhibitions and in training.

But this is not that that important. The most important is huge positive energy that emanates from this dog and makes life with her cheerful and bright. She is never in a bad mood. It is never boring with her. The special relationship it formed with her younger family member Nikita. Bess graciously allows him familiarity towards herself, executes his commands, spoken in understandable only to him and her tongue. Though their relationship can not be called an equal friendship, they have something gentle and heartfelt. We love our fire Bess and are proud of it! We are confident that Ogon-Zhara and her progeny conquer many hearts!  


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