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I must say that I have never liked little dogs. In them, I thought, there's no sense: they can’t afford to save a drowning man, they can’t protect the border, unable to graze cattle, sleds can’t carry. And watching them in my life, I noticed with irritation that they often ride up to the big dogs bark without reason, do not shiver from the cold, but simply from the fact that they are tiny and so on ... So, for small dogs I have developed a certain cold alienation and even hostility. As time went on, I had a doberman Lex (Atom iz Gratsiano) with whom I had the opportunity to train on a training field with the owners giant schnauzers. And many dog trainers, in addition to the formidable and great bearded, as if a small trailer was attached naughty smart miniature schnauzer . As it turned out, this breed is small, but not decorative. The same strict appearance, indomitable spirit, courage, craving for knowledge and an optimistic outlook on life harmoniously coexist in a small body miniature schnauzer. Racing for the Ball, along with the Giant Schnauzer, the little ” bearded” called to my mind a sense of delight. Their willingness and ability to participate on equal terms in the life of the big dogs and the entire site at all - they made me take a closer look at the miniature schnauzer. Having determined that it would be a miniature-girl color black with silver I happily settled down ... and completely forgotten about this idea. Changing jobs, and later the death of Lex completely knocked me out of the rut. I plunged into the work of moving away from familiar surroundings and canine events. And meanwhile, was born on February 7, our Epica. It is true then she did not know what she Epica, and in house our breeder called her a "blonde" - for crisp, bright silver markings.

So in our house there was a little puppy. “Sunbeam”. It is extremely sensitive and considerate in relation to our households. Complete unity of interests with the cat Marquise - age and capricious mistress of the home territory. "Girlfriends" are worn around the house so that they may have to break up into different rooms. With strangers Epica reserved, incorruptible. Unfamiliar people can’t cuddle her at the first time. She just slides out from under the arms, evading strokes. But if she sees my location to this person, then eventually starts to have fun and enthusiastically greet him. And simple strokes of Epica not get off. This "storm of passion" only because of her small stature doesn’t throw friends down at the meeting.

Work with the mini schnauzer easy and difficult at the same time. Easy - because that dog has good contact, and most of the exercises she is doing for the emotional encouragement. It is difficult because with a small dog generally contraindicated negative reinforcement. No jerks and "mechanics". You've got to try to interest your schnauzer and show him that in the process of training for he has a lot of positive emotions and pleasant surprises. And the dog will always give you a sense of humor and adoration. Ability to small “bearded” during exercise pose faces and fill the comic situation - even deserves a separate article. And while we train with Epic, hoping to take part in competitions in training. Maybe for some people it also will serve as an example. And in the company to his big dog person wants to take a small, such as the smartest and loving devotion.

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