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Rescue Dog is applied kind of training. Though there are competitions in these rules, but the main idea of training is to teach the dog to search the people and use this skill in real conditions. During training the dogs are taught to seek and mark the victims in different conditions: in the day and at night, in heat and rain, in the forest, in the mountains, in the ruins of buildings, under snow.
Rescue dogs are the helpers of rescuers. Thanks to the dog scent it is possible essentially to reduce the time of searching, and it always increases the chances to stay alive for injures people.
Besides proper searching the rescue dogs grasp the sections “Obedience” and “Agility”.
IRO (International Rescue-Dog Organization) developed its rules in rescue service. According these rules a lot of dogs in the world pass the attestation and get the work permit.

In our videogallery you can see video with work of dogs on rescue service.