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Granata iz Graziano or Zhut (Horror), Zhutyayka. These nicknames are given to the dog not without purpose. From the first days of conscious living in the house Zhutyayka defended its dominance. Protecting her place, food, toys and even an empty space in front of her nose was the main thing in her puppy life. We had to negotiate and find compromises in the relationship with her. Soon Zhutya became a true friend of the family, a caring nurse and companion in the games with my little son. She fulfils the role of "winter horse" for children riding in the park. Despite her rather aggressive nature, she never allows herself to be aggressive against the children. Zhutyayka is a favorite malinois in the house.
She is very cheerful, sociable and outgoing, ever thirsting for work at any time of a day. She has a very high drive to work, but without the fuss, which allows her to do everything neatly, clear and quickly. Granata has an excellent grip and high speed. With reasonable aggression, she actively works with the helper in the shelter, showing vigorous barking into his face.
Zhutya has fierce look, she is constantly demanding activity. Looking into her eyes, you simply can not be lazy and avoid work. While working with her, you realize that the beauty of malinois is exactly her job.


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